OXYL8 have recently begun the production of a series of short LEV training video clips and these will be uploaded as they become available – so do keep checking back to see what we have added.

In the pipeline are short clips on the following subjects:-

  • Using Hot Wire and Rotating Vane Anemometers
  • Proportional Balancing
  • Drilling Test Holes (size, positions etc)
  • Transport Velocity – visual of deposition occurring in a ‘see-through’ section of duct
  • Captor Hoods – Measuring Captor Zone/Velocity using Instruments/Smoke
  • Effect of Flexible Ducting on Pressure Drops

Please let us know of any requests for topics you would like to see tackled in our series of short clips?

Video 1    How to Use the PITOT Tube


Video 2    What Happens when Centrifugal Fans Run in Reverse?


Video 3    How do Captor Hoods Work – Theory and Design Equations?

Download the Excel Spreadsheet:- Fletchers Nomogram Calculations – to go with this Video


OXYL8 Produced Video Clips are in continuous Production.

Please check back regularly or follow us on Facebook/YouTube Channel for updates

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