Consider this: an HSE survey undertaken a few years ago found that for controls, and specifically for local exhaust ventilating (LEV) plant:

  • Approximately 60% were not subject to routine maintenance or checking
  • Approximately 60% were not being thoroughly examined and tested (TExT)
  • Approximately 60% of those that were being thoroughly examined and tested were not being tested ‘competently’.

HSE’s statistics show that rates of occupational ill health have not reduced in line (or anywhere like it) with physical injury rates over the past 25 years.

HSE estimates show for example that there are approximately 1500 new cases of occupational asthma each year and thousands of new cases of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Recent statistics show that there are approximately 500 deaths a year from exposures to silica dust in the construction industry alone! Perhaps not a surprising set of statistics in light of HSE’s findings?

So – it should come as no surprise that HSE has announced in 2018 that premises where they are handling Asthmagens, undertaking welding, handling metalworking fluids and where there may be exposures to other substances which may cause respiratory disease will be their focus for inspections during the next few years!  See News/Info tab above and HSE Inspection Programme for the full details.

These are some of the drivers which determine why we at OXYL8 are committed to improving LEV industry standards through approved LEV training courses and the IOHTA W201 basic Occupational Hygiene training course.


It is our commitment and our passion to do everything we can to raise the professional standing for everyone working in the LEV Industry. Particularly so for those involved in the managing, specifying, design, installation, maintenance and examination/testing of LEV plant.

Core to this strategy is – through LEV training – the gaining of appropriate LEV knowledge, a fundamental step on the path to improved competence.

OXYL8 supports and endorses the professional development options available through these organisations:


Bill Cassells, our lead tutor is a former HSE HM Inspector of Health and Safety with a research degree in Ventilation Engineering and over 35 years’ experience in LEV. Bill is truly passionate about all things LEV.

We believe that training, leading to a recognised qualification in LEV, is a key step in the right direction towards competence and thereby also ensuring that those within the LEV industry achieve the higher professional recognition and standing that they deserve.

In conducting our training courses Bill brings a fresh approach to the subject of LEV training, all delivered in his very individual, lively yet professional style.


  • Every OXYL8 trainer is an expert in their field and has extensive training experience
  • LEV Courses are participative and highly engaging
  • LEV Training courses tailored to the specific needs of the target audience/client
  • Our training courses are designed to be relevant and appropriate
  • Full training support material provided
  • Comprehensive post-LEV training delegate support/guidance available.

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