Pre-Course Materials

Background guides and resources which may assist delegates by providing an introduction to the topics and contents of the courses we run at OXYL8.

Use the links etc to view the materials but please note – in most cases printed copies will be included as part of the course handouts.

Maths Pre-Course Revision v1.4

Calendar of Dates/Venues for P600 LEV Training Courses: P600_Leaflet

HSE HSG258 “Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work”   HSE’s definitive LEV guide.  Not a course pre-requisite but will provide a good background introduction to the topic.


P600 “Methods for Testing the Performance of LEV” – Recently Launched BOHS LEV Course

P600 LEV Training Course Syllabus

Latest in the P600 series of LEV course and, funnily enough, this one is called P600!

OXYL8 have added this course to the suite of LEV training courses we offer.

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Do We Need Indicators (Gauges/Monitors etc) on LEV Hoods? By Law?

LEV Captor Hoods Monitair Chevron Indicator

Now that is an interesting question!

HSE’s FAQs on LEV state that “There isn’t a specific legal requirement to have airflow indicators or similar fitted to an extraction. But as an employer you do by law have to make sure your LEV system keeps working properly.

What exactly does that mean ….. and more importantly would HSE be likely to ask for gauges/indicators to be fitted?

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Do We Need to “Professionalise to Survive”?

LEV Competency Professionalise

Anyone involved in any aspect of LEV, be it design, installation, testing etc needs to be able to demonstrate evidence of their professional abilities; their ‘competency’.

The CoSHH Regulations provide a starting point in they demand anyone involved in LEV activities should be “competent” (without actually defining the word “Competent”).

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