OXYL8 is a long-established provider of LEV training courses and has been an Approved BOHS Training Provider since 2006.  We deliver BOHS LEV Training Proficiency and Competency courses and are very proud of our excellent pass rates.  The LEV Courses we offer include:

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!!EASTER EGGS!!  You may know that Elon Musk (Space-X, Tesla etc) adds what he calls software Easter Eggs to his products; hidden facilities, prizes, gems etc that you have to seek out.  Well we have decided to follow suit.  Our first “Easter Eggs” will be just that – a gorgeous real chocolate egg.

The ‘Code’ is hidden on this site.  Look for a string of numbers.  When you find them – use this Easter Egg Contact Form and send the code to us.  Happy hunting 🙂



To assist our delegates and others in LEV we have also produced some short instructional LEV training videos.  View the first four in the series below:

Video 1 – How to Use the PITOT Tube

Video 2 – Fans in Reverse?

Video 3 – How do Captor Hoods Work?

Video 4 – How to Measure Captor Hood Control Distance