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OXYL8 has been providing outstanding LEV training courses for over a decade, and has been an Approved BOHS Training Provider since 2006. We’re proud to support technical specialists with high quality LEV Courses that fully equip them to be the best in the business, and our outstanding pass rates speak for themselves.

Our industry-leading training courses include everything from LEV design principles to methods for testing, examination and performance evaluation, so you can find the right LEV training course for you.

Our upcoming LEV courses include:

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Following in the footsteps of Elon Musk (of Space-X and Tesla), we have decided to hide some special treats for you to unlock using secret codes (or even a whole secret page).

Our latest gift to you is the LEV Training App, which will calculate Captor Hood design requirements using Fletcher’s Equations.

In this case there is no secret ‘Code’ hidden on a page – but a whole Secret Page itself which will guide you to the download.  Happy Hunting!

And – if you get frustrated and stuck – simply contact us via email ….. and we’ll put you out of your misery 🙂



In addition to our complete suite of LEV training courses, we have produced a few short instructional videos to share some of our experience and insights with our colleagues in the LEV industry, and to assist our delegates.

View the first four in the series below:

Video 1 – How to Use the PITOT Tube

Video 2 – Fans in Reverse?

Video 3 – How do Captor Hoods Work?

Video 4 – How to Measure Captor Hood Control Distance


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We are experts in our field and we love what we do, so we aim to make every LEV course both informative and enjoyable. Here’s what some of our delegates have to say about their experience of our first-class LEV training.