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OXYL8 are the UK’s leading experts in delivering high quality Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) training courses.  We have been BOHS Approved course providers now for over a decade.

The Tutor, Bill Cassells, is a former HSE HM Inspector, and is a well-respected expert in LEV.  Courses are presented in his well-known engaging and entertaining style.  Course materials are clear, well laid out and detailed.  In addition, full support is given to delegates before, during and after every course.  As a result, our exam results are simply outstanding.

Courses for 2018/19 include, LEV Examining and Testing (P601), LEV Design Principles (P602), Management and Performance Evaluation of LEV (P604) etc.  If you would like to discuss any course then please use the Contact Form (above) or call the Tutor on (07970) 754 632.

Follow these links for available dates and venues:

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And … yes … we know it is not actually Easter but – like Elon Musk (of Space-X and Tesla), we have Mars tesla - OXYL8: LEV Training Courses (BOHS Approved)decided, from time to time, to hide some special prizes.

The latest is an LEV Training App.  This will calculate LEV Captor Hood design Velocities etc using Fletcher’s Equations.  The secret ‘Code’ is – in fact a Secret Page.  This page will guide you to the App.  Happy Hunting!

And – if you get stuck – simply contact us via email ….. and we’ll put you out of your misery 🙂



Some LEV concepts can be a little difficult.  To assist, we have produced some LEV training videos to show some topical issues and to share our experience and insights.

View some examples below:

Video 1 – How to Use the PITOT Tube
Video 2 – Fans in Reverse?
Video 3 – How do Captor Hoods Work?
Video 4 – How to Measure Captor Hood Control Distance


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We love what we do and try to make every LEV course informative and enjoyable. Here is a sample of  feedback we have received from delegates.

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