istock_000012356291xlargeOXYL8 is a long established UK based provider of LEV training proficiency and competency courses. We have been an Approved BOHS Training Provider since 2006.

We deliver BOHS-approved LEV Training Proficiency and Competency courses, including:-

We also offer the OHTA Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene W201   course which is an excellent introduction to the subject and a recommended course for all LEV specialists.

NEWS Flash! – We have added dates for all our OXYL8 LEV Training courses and Occupational Hygiene courses through until the end of 2017.  Follow the links to the specialist LEV training course of interest and the drop down menu will show all available dates and venues.

LEV Training is the core of what we do at OXYL8.  Our dedicated LEV specialist Presenters are well experienced in (eg formerly of HSE) and passionate about their topic.   Our excellent exam results attest to the passion, energy and focus we bring to presenting these specialist LEV Training courses.

We also offer support at every step of the process with pre-course materials, post-course support (including video presentations and guides) and in offering delegates the opportunity to gain additional experience through our Mentoring Programme.  More information on the Mentoring Programme and access to all our support materials can be found at our sister website

We provide ongoing encouragement and support to our delegates in their quest to gain certification and qualification through the BOHS Proficiency series of examined courses such as the P601 Examination & Testing, P602 LEV Design, P603 PPE, P604 LEV Performance Evaluation and Management and the recently launched P600 Methods for Testing the Performance of LEV.

BOHS/ILEVE LEV and Occupational Hygiene training courses are traditionally accepted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as key elements in securing basic competence and qualification in various aspects of LEV, be it Design, Specification, Commissioning, Management or Examining and Testing.

Competence in Designing, Installing, Maintaining, Examining & Testing (TExT) LEV, as appropriate, is a statutory requirement for anyone involved in these areas of Local Exhaust Ventilation, and importantly so because LEV is a core control approach for managing occupational health risks (and ultimately reducing the unacceptably high levels of occupational respiratory disease in the UK).

OXYL8 has also begun producing short LEV training videos – view the first two in the series “How to Use a Pitot Tube” and “Fans in Reverse” below:-

Video 1    How to Use the PITOT Tube                                                                     

Video 2     Fans in Reverse?

Coming Soon !!  Short Video on Captor Distance Measurement

Please bookmark this page and check back from time to time as we will be preparing a range of interesting, instructive … and fun(!), short video presentations on topical LEV training related subjects throughout 2017.

Please also email us with any requests/ideas that you may have regarding topics for video presentations (use Contact form)